Final Regional Competition in Manahawkin



Edge Dance wrapped up the season’s regional competitions with an exhilarating weekend at one of our favorite competitions, Groove.


This was our biggest regional competition of the year, with 24 studios represented and a total of 549 numbers performing over three days at the Stafford performing Arts Center in Manahawkin. And, once again, our dancers stepped up and dealt with the challenges with good humor and enthusiasm. They brought home numerous high score awards and overalls (full results below).


I am especially delighted that we were presented with an IDA Outstanding Performance Award in hip hop for “I’m Coolin.” This performance is now in the running for a 2018 Industry Dance Award.


I am also proud to announce that the Edge team won the Groove Professionalism Award – given to the studio whose dancers exemplified the best sportsmanship and professionalism both on stage and off. I know I say this after every competition, but this really is an exceptional team of dancers. They are dedicated to their craft, and they go out of their way to be courteous and supportive not only of each other but also of fellow competitors from other studios. They always say, “Well done!” and “Good job!” as others leave the stage, and they are always courteous to the backstage staff.


The team (and parents!) managed to take a break for a while for a much-needed afternoon on the beach. And, we were all thrilled that two of last year’s seniors were able to join us for some or all of the weekend, not only cheering from the audience but helping with hair and makeup backstage – dance friends really are the best friends.


Finally, there were some bitter-sweet moments this weekend as this was our last regional competition with long-time team member and graduating senior Jonathan. Although we will still have nationals and the year-end recital together, I know I speak for everyone when I say it has been a true delight and honor to have Jon on the team these past eight years. We will miss his humor, his support, and his talent, but we will always remember the incredible dances that we shared. And, we know he’ll be back at Edge sometime in the future.



Groove results:


  • Flashlight – Gold
  • Exposure – High Gold
  • Circus – High Gold
  • Vloeimans – Platinum, 1stPlace, 7thOverall
  • Creep – High Gold
  • Skyscraper – High Gold
  • That Girl – High Gold
  • Piece by Piece – Gold
  • Intimate Theory – High Gold, 1stPlace, 3rdOverall
  • Support System – High Gold, 3rdPlace, 9thOverall
  • Dawin’ Drops – High Gold
  • I’m Coolin’ – High Gold, 1stPlace, 6thOverall, IDA Hip Hop selection
  • My Body is a Cage – High Gold, 1stPlace
  • Sinking Boat – High Gold, 1stPlace, 5thOverall, “Mesmerizing Movement” Award
  • Be the Change – High Gold
  • JT – High Gold, 3rdPlace
  • Jazz, Jump, Jive – High Gold
  • To This Day – High Gold, 3rdPlace, 10thOverall
  • Impart – High Gold, 3rdPlace
  • With You – High Gold, “Inspiring Focus” Award
  • Empire – High Gold, 1stPlace, Groove Convention Scholarship
  • My People – High Gold, 2ndPlace
  • 5/4 – Platinum, 2ndPlace, 7thOverall, Opening Number Invite